If you are someone who wants a new look and feel to your bathroom, there are too many options that will hit you all at once when you start to explore.  For those that are looking for bathroom ideas in wichita falls tx, here are a few that many people are using to take their bathroom experience to the next level.

Walk in tubs

If you are getting older and you don’t want to mess with standing in the shower, you can really take advantage of a walk in tub.  This addition to your bathroom is something that is gaining popularity over the past several years.  You can simply open the side of your tub like a shower, slide in, sit down and take a bath like normal.  Once you are done, you drain the tub, open the door and finish getting ready like normal.

Heated floors

Another great option that people are considering is having heated floors.  Heated floors are great if you have tile floors or if you have a house that someone likes to keep a little extra chilly.  With heated floors once you step out of the shower or the bath, your feet will be warm.

bathroom ideas in wichita falls tx

Neon LED Lights

One thing that you will want to play with in your bathroom is the lighting.  There are countless lighting and light options to choose from.  When designing your bathroom consider having neon light under the running water in the sink and in the shower.  This will give you an added level of fun and enjoyment.  Also, they say, if you have different lights focus on your body, you can receive added health benefits and relaxation time.


Finally, one thing that you can do is have speakers run into your bathroom.  These speakers can be placed in different areas of the bathroom so when you are taking the shower you can have fun and soothing music playing as you handle your business.